10-12 The Broadways

H+R were approached to carry out a timber survey of the property’s roof as the building had suffered from repeated leaks along the gutter valley between the two gable roofs.

The water ingress had penetrated through the centre of the timber framed building to the ground floor. Past repairs had been made to stop the leaks but they had proved ineffectual.

The property manager was concerned about what effect the water ingress had had on the timber frame, whether the extensive woodworm was a result of decay and whether either of these had caused any structural damage to the timber framed roof.

The Broadways

Work undertaken

H+R had limited access to the gutter plate due to the internal plasterwork and no access to the roof. Areas were identified which were vulnerable to decay but after closer inspection and moisture readings it was estimated that there was very little timber decay despite the leaks. The extensive woodworm was confined to the sapwood only and so had not compromised the structural heartwood. Therefore, it was estimated that the woodworm had not caused any structural damage.

Due to the lack of access to the timber structure, H+R could not conclusively say that there was not any significant structural damage, but they were able to estimate that this was the case despite the property manager’s concerns. However, it was recommended that the leaks should be fixed because in its current state the gutter plate was vulnerable to future decay.

How we solved the problem

Once the timber structure has become more accessible, after the plaster has been removed, H+R will be able to return for a secondary survey to produce more conclusive results.

Leak stain under timber beams
Wooden Beams in apex ceiling
Wood Beam

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