The leading experts in our field, H+R investigate problems in buildings and the built environment.

H+R have special expertise in many areas of building investigation, remedial specification and consultancy in-house. We are experts in getting the most cost-effective services and advice for our clients from other specialists, including academics and specialist reference laboratories. Our aim is to provide the best-coordinated information and ‘holistic’ advice on building-related problems.

Minimally Invasive Survey Techniques

  • High-power fibre-optic borescope inspection
  • CCTV/Video-scope inspection
  • Micro and Mini-bore decay detection drilling
  • Deep moisture probing
  • IR Thermal Camera survey
  • Percussion-auscultation
  • High precision resistance and RF/capacitance moisture meter survey
  • H+R Rothound dry rot search dogs
  • Ground radar imaging on referral
  • Lithium and cobalt tracer leak detection
  • Air-tightness testing on referral
  • Acoustic insulation testing on referral
  • Ultrasound bat detection


  • Remote telemetric and local monitoring of material moisture content
  • Remote telemetric and local monitoring of internal and external environments
  • Remote telemetric gutter water level monitoring and alarm systems
  • Remote telemetric leak detection monitoring and alarm systems

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