Condition Survey on the In and Out Club, 94 Piccadilly

The Problem

An exclusive Gentlemen’s club, known as ‘The In and Out Club’, was located at 94 Piccadilly, but when its lease ran out in 1996 the property was bought by a businessman who planned to convert the property into a members club and hotel.

However, nothing happened and, after his company went into bankruptcy in 2009, the property was left abandoned. In 2012, the Reuben brothers bought the property and planned to convert it into London’s most expensive residence.

H+R was approached to complete a condition survey of the badly decayed property to assess what repairs were needed before the refurbishment commenced.

Building Entrance with Pillars
damaged roof

The Solution

H+R identified structures subject to continuing damp and decay problems.

This enabled advice to be given on cost effective ‘Mothballing’ measures to be put in place so as to retain maximum historically important fabric, and maintain the capital value of the property prior to eventual sale and refurbishment.

The main actions H+R advised to be taken for successful mothballing were:

  • inspection and clearing of roof drainage systems twice a year
  • ensuring there is ventilation through all windows, internal doors and hatches
  • removal of all floor coverings and rubbish
  • raising of floorboards along external walls and in damp areas
  • turning off and draining of all unnecessary plumbing
  • opening of all window shutters and reveals and soffits if assessed as being damp

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