Architectural Conservation

H+R are an independent team of highly skilled building professionals and scientists with special expertise in historic building surveys and building pathology. We are a leading service provider for many areas of building investigation, materials and remedial specification.

Through our involvement with numerous heritage organisations locally in Surrey, across the UK and abroad, we have established ourselves as a leading authority in architectural conservation. We are proud to count many well-known charities and other institutions among our esteemed clientele, including The Royal Household, Crown Estate, Government Ministries, the National Trust, Historic Scotland, English Heritage/Historic England, Natural England, CADW, Heritage Lottery Fund, and Church Commissioners.

Combining our expertise in innovation in investigative technology and vast construction experience means that we are in a unique position to bring valuable new skills and insights to the heritage sector. To assemble the complete picture, we can additionally draw on specialist external resources including academic research and reference laboratories.

Our meticulous approach to historic structures, listed buildings, and ancient monuments means that we are ideally placed to provide coherent, targeted advice and guidance for any building-related problem.

Specifically, H+R can offer the following specialist services:

  • Building surveys, asset management surveys, specialist condition investigations and heritage value and significance assessments
  • Specifications, schedules of work and contract administration
  • Assessment on the condition of traditional materials and methods of construction
  • Heritage asset management, impact assessments and mitigation strategies
  • Conservation management plans
  • Planned preventive maintenance programmes and preventive conservation
  • Conservation consultancy, training and research
  • Advice on risk management
  • Advice on ‘mothballing’ and conservation of structures under reduced occupancy to maintain Historical and Capital asset value

Architectural conservation - photo of period building

What is a historic building survey?

Whether you are the owner of a listed property or a building manager for a heritage organisation, our specialist surveys help you to get a full understanding of the condition and structure of your building. Our involvement can be hugely valuable, whether you are undertaking refurbishments or just need as much information on the property as possible for planning future works.

Our building surveys are carefully researched and compiled documents for individual historic assets. They are drawn up to provide specific and detailed historical information as well as clear, actionable recommendations for any refurbishment or remedial work to be carried out. Our reports are trusted by Conservation Officers and are a valuable aid in statutory applications.

How do you carry out your investigations in heritage buildings?

H+R’s conservation services cover all types, sizes and ages of construction, and are particularly suitable for dealing effectively with damp and decay problems. We fully understand the delicate balance between the historic integrity of a building and finding an economical and practical solution to managing the cause of deterioration.

Uniquely, we carry out minimally invasive investigations and provide appropriate sustainable solutions that work to preserve original building materials and construction methods where they are of historical or architectural significance. Wherever possible, we use non-destructive methods to investigate a problem, from piloting drones to employing our trained Rothounds.

Where can I see examples of your work on historic buildings?

At H+R, we work on a wide variety of ages and types of structures, each with their own unique problems. A wide selection of recently completed projects and case studies can be found here. Please feel free to contact H+R direct with any particular question, query or historic building-related issue and we will be happy to provide details.

Finally, our experts have written extensively on topics of technical interest and we have assembled a useful collection of leaflets, articles and other resources that you are welcome to read here.

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