Measured Survey for Historic Shopfront Relocation

The Problem

After Hutton + Rostron (H+R) had undertaken a heritage assessment of the shopfront at No. 65 New Bond Street, it was determined it would need to be retained due to its historic value.  However, under the Hanover Square Masterplan it was scheduled for removal and it was decided that the shopfront should be relocated to No. 15-16 Riding House Street nearby.  H+R were brought in to determine if this was achievable.

Geneu Store Front
Storefront relocation plans

The Solution

H+R carried out a detailed measured survey of the existing shopfront and its relocation site.  This involved investigating the constructional and material make-up of the shopfront.  Detailed measured drawings were produced outside of the brief to aid in the investigations.  No. 15-16 Riding House Street was found to be smaller than the existing shopfront space and the shop and residential entrance were reversed to that found at No. 65 New Bond Street.

H+R concluded the shopfront was suitable for relocation, however, it would need major alterations to fit the new site constraints.  H+R created a schedule for the dismantlement, repairs and re-assembly of the shopfront at No. 15-16 Riding House Street.  CAD drawings were produced which detailed where fabric should be removed in order to fit the shopfront in the smaller location.  The original proportions of the shopfront were retained where possible so that the original architectural design of the shop was not lost.

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