An independent team of building professionals and listed building surveyors, H+R specialise in investigating problems in buildings, building materials and building occupancy.

Specialist Building Surveys and Investigations

Founded in 1966, H+R are the market leaders in Building Pathology and damp and decay, with particular expertise in Architectural Conservation.

Historic Building Specialists

At H+R, we understand the delicate balance between preserving the historic integrity of a building, and finding an economical and practical solution to managing the cause of its deterioration. Our historic building surveys provide detailed information and recommendations, while our building scientists can offer sustainable solutions that eschew damaging interventions or chemical treatments.

The focus of our work is to preserve the original building materials and methods of construction, particularly where these are of architectural or historical significance. Wherever possible, we use non-destructive methods to investigate a problem, from piloting drones to employing our trained Rothounds. In cases where intrusion is unavoidable, we take care to use minimally invasive techniques to limit damage.

Diverse Team Expertise

Our team members come from a variety of disciplines and have a wide range of skill-sets that include special interests in traditional materials, timber identification and strength grading, damp management, heritage and listed property, fungus and insect classification and conservation methods and material science, to name a few.

Our staff are conservation accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and are members of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC).

To support the in-house expertise of the H+R team, we frequently work with a wider network of specialists, academics and laboratories to provide every client with the most accurate and thorough property report. In the long term, our work makes remedial work easier and keeps client costs down by helping them to avoid unnecessary or ineffective solutions.

Varied Client Base

We have worked on a diverse range of properties across the country, including national landmark buildings such as the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Brighton Pavilion, as well as churches and stately homes, terraced houses and barns, ancient monuments and standing ruins.

Among our varied client base are a large number of heritage organisations including The National Trust, English Heritage, Cadw, Historic Environment Scotland, as well as The Royal Household, Crown Estate, Church Commissioners, Natural England and central and local government bodies.

In addition to providing a range of services to the heritage sector, we regularly advise private householders and property owners as well as the commercial property sector on both historic and contemporary buildings.

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For professional assistance with heritage property anywhere in the UK or abroad, or to discuss your particular building with one of our experienced listed building surveyors, contact us for more information.

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Independent investigation and consultancy from H+R allowed remedial works to be carried out with the minimum disruption to occupants, and provided the ‘Guarantees’ needed to maintain the capital value of the properties, and to restore customer confidence.


H+R investigation and remedial specification allowed the refurbishment of the historic building with the maximum retention of the original structure without specialist remedial sub-contractors. This also allowed us to make savings on QS estimates, and allowed the issuing of NHBC Build-mark Guarantees.

High-end London Property Developer

H+R provided us with valuable protection for our lease holder’s properties from the difficulties we faced with drainage blockage and overcharge. We now receive ample warning to get our maintenance staff into the areas and to get the problem solved before damage can occur.

Project Manager

H+R identified the cause of recurrent mould problems, allowing immediate remediation and re-occupancy.

Project Manager

The scientific investigations by H+R, and their pragmatic advice enabled the defects resulting in damp problems to be dealt with under the terms of the contract, without further recourse to legal action.

English Heritage

[H+R are] the experts and EH (English Heritage) listen to what they say.

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