Scarcroft – Historic Mansion Refurbishment

The Problem

H+R were instructed to undertake a range of survey packages in a historic mansion house near Leeds, including detailed timber condition investigations, assessment of retained moisture within masonry masses, and assessments of secondary timber elements including windows and panelling. The building had been vacant for several years and leaded parapet gutters had been stolen encouraging water penetration in a number of locations. Due to the resulting extensive dry rot (Serpula lacrymans) infection of walls and floors, H+R were asked to provide remedial detailing for skirting, panelling, windows, and structural elements to isolate new timber from the damp and dry rot infected masonry.

Rotting Timber
Timber Mould

The Solution

The survey packages commenced with a preliminary stage 1 investigation highlighting potential areas of risk, which was subsequently followed up by detailed stage 2 investigations to identify specific numbers of elements that require replacement/repair from the extensive range of roof structures, floors structures, and decorative secondary timber elements. This involved decay detection drilling and probing for deep moisture content readings. Dimensions were taken in specific areas to ensure remedial detailing could be accurately drawn up in CAD. Decayed timbers were sprayed red with water-soluble paint for easy identification on site and in photographs. A full and extensive masonry sampling exercise was also undertaken#.

All decayed or defective timbers were annotated onto CAD drawings and accompanied by photographic evidence enabling repair and/or replacement of timber to progress. Masonry sampling provided a colour-coded map of moisture within masonry walls enabling the design team to prepare remedial detailing, such as ventilated drylining, in areas of dampness. The remedial detailing provided by H+R was used strategically to prevent further outbreaks of dry rot before, during, and after refurbishment.

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