Façade Surveying using Photogrammetry


The Problem

A major central London property developer approached H+R about the possibility of surveying areas of internal brickwork that were due to be left exposed following refurbishment works. Not only did the client require a bill of quantities to form a schedule of repair works, but they also required conditions be marked up onto rectified photographs produced by H+R.

Having agreed a scope and specifications for the type of brick repair required by the architect, H+R faced several challenges in regard to image capture in such narrow and confined hallways.

Photogrammetry Case Study

The Solution

H+R tackled the issues posed by using photogrammetry techniques employed during similar projects to capture entire elevations as single images to then mark-up during a second site visit. This involved the use of a high-resolution camera mounted on an extendable telescopic pole, allowing the H+R operative to capture images at a consistent and changeable height. A series of photographs were captured at the 1m, 1.3m, 1.7m and 2m mark (example seen below), allowing for overlap between images to aid in the photo-merge process. Photographs were then stitched together back at the office using several Autodesk programs by our qualified technicians to produce the final images for mark-up back on site.

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