Roof Drainage Monitoring

The Problem

A major central London property owning group approached H+R with a problem; their latest high-end development was at risk because of repeat failures to the roof drainage.

The drainage system, whilst built to a high specification, did not make sufficient allowance for overflows in the event of a downpipe becoming blocked.

It was found after construction had finished that blockages were forming due to wind-blown debris. The catch pits were overflowing, allowing water to enter the structures over and under the lead and aluminum gutters.

Roof Drainage

“H+R provided us with valuable protection for our lease holder’s properties from the difficulties we faced with drainage blockage and overcharge. We now receive ample warning to get our maintenance staff into the areas and to get the problem solved before damage can occur.” High end London property developer


The Solution

H+R investigated both the root cause and nature of the defect in detail. They modelled likely water flows from the roof surfaces and the risks of blockage to the roof drainage. The exact path of water entering the structure was investigated in detail and recommendations for remedial action made.

Re-building the parapet gutters or significantly re-detailing them beyond adding small overflows was unfeasible at such a late stage in the project. H+R recommended installing a remote monitoring system (Curator©) to provide early warning of blockage and overcharge.

Best accessed with a cherry picker, inspections of the parapet gutters had to be limited to four times a year. Ropes could be used but, due to the risks and costs involved, only an urgent situation would warrant this action.

With the alarms installed, the maintenance staff can now act if necessary to protect the building, without significant extra costs to the client.

Adequate warning of a failure before having to deal with disruptive and potential expensive consequences provides added peace of mind.

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