St John the Baptist Church

The Problem

As part of St John the Baptist Church’s quinquennial survey, H+R were asked to undertake a survey of the structural timbers in the chancel roof and to give recommendations for remedial works to defective timbers.

St John the Baptist Church
Timber decay

The Solution

Upon investigation, H+R found that some structural timber decay had occurred in the past and there were some areas of active timber decay infection. There were a number of building defects that allowed moisture build-up in the structure and provided the conditions for timber decay organisms to grow.

H+R recommended repair works were made to the decayed structures and building defects identified during their survey. This would also prevent the conditions that would allow decay organisms to survive and cause decay to occur in the future. H+R also gave general recommendations for future refurbishments which would affect the environmental and structural health of the building, such as introducing new materials or heating sources.

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