Water Penetration Damage

The Problem

Identification of causes and remedial consultancy on damage to high-art bespoke finishes in a property belonging to high net worth individual in the UK, recently re-built after fire. After recent destruction by fire, a new luxurious entertainment building had been rebuilt with high value bespoke finishes and artwork.

Finishes in the basement rooms started to show damage due to moisture penetration. Investigations had failed to determine the cause of the damp problems.

Water Penetration Damage - Main Case Study image - Swimming Pool

“The scientific investigations by H+R, and their pragmatic advice enabled the defects resulting in damp problems to be dealt with under the terms of the contract, without further recourse to legal action.” Project Manager

Leaking Plant

The Solution

On behalf of the owner, H+R undertook detailed investigations using high power fibre-optic bore-scope, moisture profiling and thermo-hygrometers. These investigations and chemical analysis of water and salt samples revealed the main cause of the problems: water leaking from swimming pools above and adjacent to the basement rooms.

Our investigations also showed poorly detailed and maintained ground and surface drainage resulting in significant intermittent water penetration into the basement.

H+R gave detailed advice on remedial and refurbishment works to prevent further damp problems. These included remedial drained and vented dry linings and cavity systems to provide appropriate damp-proofing to BS 8102, and monitored and alarmed sump pumps.

In support of the project managers, we inspected remedial works. This allowed the problems to be dealt with under the terms of the contract without further recourse to legal action.

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