January 2021

All Hallows Church

The New Year started with a ‘bang’ as enquires were received throughout the latest lockdown and also during the usual office two week break in a way never experienced before

Everybody was pleased to receive confirmation that H+R would be contributing significantly to the scheduled Phase 2 refurbishments at Wentworth Woodhouse having also been engaged in Phase 1. In all, four different Conservation Architect led consortiums tendering for the work included H+R in their submissions

From the greatest buildings in the land such as Wentworth Woodhouse to delightful small-scale reminders of our historic bult environment, H+R take great interest in them all. During the month the old timber pre-17th century classically styled gateway from a Wren Church destroyed in the Blitz and re-positioned within All Hallows Church in Twickenham in the 1930s was carefully assessed for condition

Problems with contemporary buildings also occupied a lot of H+R’s workload with resolution of issues invariably caused by poor build quality and design detailing. It is always satisfying to be able to really help concerned owners understand exactly what the issues are and what to do about them

Greythorpe House

Author: Carissa
Published on Last updated 17th September 2023

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