July 2022



H+R were pleased to see the publicity surrounding the launch of the newly remodeled Municipal Bank in Birmingham. The 1930s neoclassical building has now become The Exchange. Make Architects have done a superb job together with Donald Insall Associates and Glancy Nicholls. The building sits prominently in Centenary Square. H+R provided detailed investigative consultancy covering retained moisture in the masonry masses, dry rot infection and the condition of the plaster finishes. Of notable interest were the glorious Art Deco mirrored and gilded banks of security deposit boxes in the vaults

Other projects of interest have included H+R’s appointment on two High Street Action Zone projects (HAZ) where our experience of repurposing historic buildings has been put to good use. In addition, H+R are now heavily engaged in providing expert advice on a host of damp related problems on a very significant residential development adjacent to Buckingham Palace that has experienced severe issues during the construction phase. Similar projects involving latent defects on contemporary residential and commercial schemes are current in Chelsea and Greenwich

Elsewhere, H+R are engaged at Hopwood Hall in Rochdale which receives a great deal of media attention, Weeting Castle in Norfolk and Syon House in Isleworth


Beautifully Adorned room

Author: Carissa
Published on Last updated 17th September 2023

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