June 2017

Dilapidated House Ruin

Chosen from many suggestions, the new 10-week-old Rothound sprocker puppy has been named Pip and she has started her initial training with Orian Hutton. Pip has already shown herself to be a confident, intelligent and calm pup which are essential pre-requisites for her life to come

H+R have started extensive investigations at Athlone House on Hampstead Heath which forms part of the ‘true life’ back story to the newly released film ‘Hampstead’ starring Diane Keaton. H+R have also been undertaking plaster condition surveys at the uniquely important Calton Hill Observatory in Edinburgh, one of Playfair’s finest buildings. Further north in Scotland, a Curator annual maintenance visit was paid to Balnagowan Castle and even further still, an overall condition survey was undertaken at the Hall of Clestrain on Orkney. This was the childhood home of John Rae, the great explorer who was effectively written out of history on discovering an ‘inconvenient truth’ about the fate of the doomed Franklin expedition to discover the Northwest Passage. His findings did not fit the prevailing Victorian narrative. Apart from shedding light on the Franklin mystery he discovered the final link in the first navigable Northwest Passage https://www.johnraesociety.com/

Closer to home in London, three separate commissions for different clients have been completed in Great Portland Street and extensive and complex penetrating damp investigations initiated in Kensington at Albert Hall Mansions.


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