March 2019

During the month, H+R undertook its first survey of a market stall! Nothing could better illustrate the range of structures H+R work on and, for H+R surveyors to experience over a short period, the challenges and focus of working on Palaces as well as humble temporary structures, provides an excellent perspective. The client for the market stall was Kingston Council where there were concerns about the performance of the plywood sourced for the roofs. Back in 1989 H+R surveyed the historic   Market Hall in Kingston

Composite materials such as plywood, cross laminated timber and glulam have all been subject to H+R’s consultancy in the month including at a very well-known nuclear power station. Another first for H+R

More traditionally, H+R undertook very detailed measured condition surveys of the 19th century conservatory at the National Physical Laboratory also the 17th century staircase at Wakehurst Place for Kew Gardens. Scaled CAD drawings were originated in both cases by H+R to further benefit the client

In Colchester, the skeletal charred remains of an 18th century barn were strength graded. In Yorkshire, a dismantled barn laid out in a muddy field shared with, ‘Wilbur the Pig’, was assessed for strength reducing characteristics. Both jobs were in support of firms of Structural Engineers

As well as the above, the usual bread and butter work of London town houses, mill buildings, castles and failing apartment blocks were encountered during the month