May 2018

Projects of interest in the month have included forensic investigations of problems at the interface of old and new construction at the Swedish Embassy and also at HMP Lewes.  H+R’s experience in working in highly security conscious environments paid dividends in both cases. The inmates at Lewes were predictably wary of one of the H+R Rothounds!

A technically challenging project in the month concerned the investigation of apparent failure to wood stain finishes to oak window units on a prestigious new development in London leading to the conclusion that a continuation of adverse environmental conditions during application and insufficient coating thickness had led to the premature deterioration

From the ‘sublime to the ridiculous’, H+R were pleased to be appointed to undertake investigative work concerning the ancient hammer beam roof over the Great Hall at Westminster and also to resolve a hitherto intractable insurance-based issue at a very small chalet bungalow on Canvey Island!

To round off the month, surveys were undertaken to two middle schools in North London, a return was made to Cardiff Royal Infirmary to re-start investigations now the future of the building has been secured. A series of risk management surveys were undertaken on a block of buildings in South Audley Street which will become the biggest development in Mayfair later this year.  A trip to Edinburgh included a survey of Lorimer’s beautiful St Peter’s Catholic Church. There was also a trip to the tip of England at South Foreland Lighthouse for the National Trust and further work at Great Scotland Yard