North – Autumn 2022

Court Yard

In September H+R were appointed by Purcell on behalf of the Diocese of Salford to undertake a detailed condition survey of Salford Cathedral’s timber roof structure.  H+R involvement was part of the Cathedral Restoration project which will see the Cathedral close from March 2023 until 2024.  Built in the 1840s the Cathedral was the first cruciform Catholic church built in England since the reformation and architect Mathew Ellison Hadfield took inspiration from medieval churches in Selby and Liege.  The Cathedral has been repaired over the years in response to a storm in 1881 and damage sustained during the Second World War.  While surveying the roof H+R found some archaeological evidence of previous re-decorating from the 1980s

In October H+R undertook a survey of the roof over The Long Gallery at Lyme Park.  H+R were appointed by the National Trust after reports of water penetration around the windows in The Long Gallery.  Built in 1570, the original Elizabethan core has been altered multiple times throughout the years.  Most notably by renowned Georgian architect Giacomo Leoni, who remodelled the house in the 1720s in an Italian Renaissance style.  H+R surveyed the sizable oak beams of The Long Galley Roof which may date from the house’s original Elizabethan construction

In November H+R were appointed by Renaker to assist their consultant structural engineer Renaissance in establishing the condition of the roof structure of the former Greengate Baths in Salford.  The restoration of the baths is part of the ‘Colliers Yard’ development which will see Renaker construct 3 residential towers on the site.  The baths were built by the Manchester and Salford Baths and Laundry Company to provide bathing, swimming and laundry facilities to the general public.  The Italianate brick building was design by architect Thomas Worthington in 1855 and features a very early example of nail-laminated timber roof trusses.  The baths gained fame as where local Salford hero Mark Addy (1840-1890) learned to swim.  Addy a local publican and champion oarsman, saved 51 people from drowning in the highly polluted River Irwell over the course of his life and was awarded the Albert Medal

Scaffolding in Building