September 2022

The Old Curiosity Shop

During the month, there has been more of an emphasis on work in the Midlands and North of England with additional support provided from Oxford and Surrey offices. Particular projects of note have included Salford Cathedral, the refurbishment of the Rutland Mills complex in llkeston and the Ainscough Mill complex in Lancashire. In addition, the work resumed at Leeds Central High School and the former Kings School in Macclesfield

Numerous church investigations have taken place throughout Northern England and Wales:

St Twrog’s in Carmarthenshire

St Mary’s Church in Marston, Lincolnshire

Belton Church in Lincolnshire

St Andrew’s in Sedbergh

St Peter’s in Rylstone

In the South, more commercial projects have included Colchester Cavalry Barracks, Barracks, Banstead Place, Worting Park, Sudley Castle, Chelsea Barracks and several projects in Mayfair and the West End

Of particular interest has been our involvement in the extensive refurbishment of the ‘Old Curiosity Shop’ in Holborn in London which is the inspiration and the title of Charles Dickens’ famous novel. It was originally a 16th Century dairy

Tripadvisor. (2020). The beautiful exterior of Salford Cathedral. [online]. Available from:
Above: Tripadvisor. (2020). The beautiful exterior of Salford Cathedral. [online]. Available from: Featured image: Draper, S. (2013). The Old Curiosity Shop. London’s Historic Shops and Markets. [online]. Available from:


Author: Carissa
Published on Last updated 17th September 2023

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