English Heritage

[H+R are] the experts and EH (English Heritage) listen to what they say.

Project Manager

The scientific investigations by H+R, and their pragmatic advice enabled the defects resulting in damp problems to be dealt with under the terms of the contract, without further recourse to legal action.

Project Manager

H+R identified the cause of recurrent mould problems, allowing immediate remediation and re-occupancy.

High-end London Property Developer

H+R provided us with valuable protection for our lease holder’s properties from the difficulties we faced with drainage blockage and overcharge. We now receive ample warning to get our maintenance staff into the areas and to get the problem solved before damage can occur.


H+R investigation and remedial specification allowed the refurbishment of the historic building with the maximum retention of the original structure without specialist remedial sub-contractors. This also allowed us to make savings on QS estimates, and allowed the issuing of NHBC Build-mark Guarantees.