Nick Cady – Hush

Now that we have reached the end of the works at Great Portland Street, I would like to thank you and your team for all your efforts. The reports on existing condition provided by the team at Hutton + Rostron were invaluable and helped us de-risk the project for GPE. Equally your assistance throughout the project where unforeseen issues arose was gratefully received.

A full service through pre-construction, construction and early occupation.

Neil Sandberg – Sandberg

Hutton + Rostron and Sandberg have enjoyed a long standing and valued professional relationship and expect this to continue and develop in the future.  Our work together ranges from the routine to the quirky, with the latter often being the most fascinating and therefore enjoyable!

Russell Smithers – Walton Wagner

Understanding the hidden condition of a historic building is crucial in making accurate budget and programme estimations. Hutton + Rostron provide an unrivalled service in this sector allowing us to make informed decisions and mitigate the risks of historic building fabric before they materialise. Hutton + Rostron have provided input on a number of Walton Wanger projects, providing us with a range of environmental investigations, which have enabled the design process and contract negotiations to be more accurate and more robust.

Scott Langley – Bond Davidson

Having worked as Project Manager on a number of high-value, listed houses, there is in my opinion clear benefit and value to a project in having H+R on board at the earliest stage possible.

Robert Bochel – Squire and Partners

Squire and Partners have worked closely with Hutton + Rostron on a number of projects, including the UNISON Headquarters and 74 St James’s Street.

We have been impressed by their depth of knowledge of historic buildings and look forward to working with them again in the future.