Dry Rot

Dry RotH+R is an independent team of building professionals, surveying experts and dry rot consultants with more than 30 years’ experience in building investigation and remedial specification for buildings of any age.

If your commercial or residential property is affected by dry rot or other forms of fungal or insect attack causing timber decay, H+R are able to offer effective and environmentally friendly measures to control the problem both now and in the longer term.

1 – Environmentally friendly dry rot remediation

We use a range of non-destructive survey techniques including our Rothounds® (specially trained air scenting search dogs who will detect active dry rot), fibre optics and other electronic precision instruments and monitoring techniques.

Our recommendations do not require the use of any chemical treatments, meaning substantial cost savings on remedial work can be achieved.

2 – Detailed dry rot survey report and recommendations

Our dry rot survey report contains detailed information regarding the extent and causes of dry rot and timber decay in the property in question. Provided that any remedial work is undertaken in line with our specifications, H+R are happy to give a 30 year guarantee. We are risk protected by professional indemnity insurance, for extra peace of mind to our clients.

Our recommendations centre around easy-to-implement environmental control measures designed to eliminate dry rot and timber decay issues from the building for good. These are straightforward building works techniques that can be implemented by a local competent builder or non-specialist contractor. Moisture ingress and distribution and ventilation levels in the building are dealt with in such a way as to minimise the conditions that allow dry rot and fungal and other timber decay organisms to thrive.

3 – Post-survey monitoring for long-term protection from dry rot

After completion of the dry rot treatment, we sometimes recommend the installation of the H+R Curator® monitoring system for particular buildings. The system allows for remote monitoring of parameters such as the timber moisture content and early detection and diagnosis of building failures or defects.

Powerful data from the monitoring system can be used as a management tool for future maintenance planning and also to lower insurance risks, enabling building owners and property professionals to save money, materials and time.
Dry rot fruiting bodies growing on timber floor structure and masonryFor detailed information about one of H+R’s Dry Rot Case Studies, please click here.

Based on over 30 years’ practical and technical industry experience, much of it gained in the context of historic building conservation, H+R can offer in-house specialist conservation consultancy. This professional service is targeted at architects, surveyors, property owners and building contractors and includes:

  • Historical research, remedial specifications, bills of quantities, tender procurement

  • Liaison with statutory organisations and heritage conservation bodies

  • Conservation management plans

  • Restoration of historic and listed buildings, fixtures and fittings

For expert guidance and advice for any dry rot or timber decay problems you may have with your property, please get in touch with H+R’s expert team in the East 01400 251169, North 01457 762145 or South 01483 203221, or email ei@handr.co.uk.