Deathwatch Beetle & Timber Decay

Environmentally friendly deathwatch beetle treatment and timber decay solutions from H+R

If you are faced with the problem of deathwatch beetle and timber decay in your home or business, contact Hutton + Rostron for information, advice and effective non-chemical  deathwatch beetle treatment that is environmentally friendly. We have been involved in the surveying of older buildings since 1985 and can offer specialised solutions to eliminate deathwatch beetle and other forms of fungal and insect decay in any building. By offering environmentally friendly control of fungal decay and insect attack, as well as building monitoring systems, we can help to treat any immediate problems and ensure long-term protection.

The advantages of the environmentally friendly treatment of deathwatch beetle

Initially, we can carry out non-destructive surveys of your property using fibre optics, and a range of other electronic measurement and monitoring techniques. Our rates for treating deathwatch beetle are very competitive, and because our recommendations do not include chemical treatment, you will save money on remedial work.

Following the survey we will provide a report containing information on the extent and causes of deathwatch beetle and timber decay in your building. With our recommendations for simple environmental control measures, you can rid your building of deathwatch beetle and timber decay problems for now and the future. We can also provide a guarantee against timber decay for 30 years for the entire building, provided that the work is carried out to our specification. For your comfort, we are backed by professional indemnity insurance.

The recommendations are normally for building techniques of a kind that can be carried out by a local builder or put out for competitive tender to non-specialist contractors. They deal with the ingress and distribution of moisture and ventilation levels in your building in such a way as to eliminate the conditions that timber decay organisms need to flourish to create deathwatch beetle and other fungal problems.

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