Remedial Specification

H+R investigate buildings of all types and periods of construction for the condition of materials, the extent of damp and decay and sources of water penetration, using specialised non-destructive inspection and testing methods. In recently completed buildings the same techniques can be used to identify latent defects of design or site construction that may result in damage to building fabric or defects associated with damp. A full and correct understanding of the defects identified allows H+R to prepare detailed schedules and specifications for remedial works, aimed at correcting existing defects and preventing latent defects from developing and incurring significant additional costs to the owner and developer due to disruption of occupancy, remedial works and reinstatement, whilst protecting the capital value of the property. H+R remedial specifications and details are intended to be ‘fail safe’ and generally avoid the use of specialist products, such as chemical timber treatments or injected damp-proof courses, or the loss of original materials.

Independent investigation and remedial specification by H+R often generates significant savings in project time and costs, and is welcomed by insurers and building guarantee providers, such as Premier, LABC and NHBC. This can be particularly significant where development properties are Listed or of heritage value and the availability of pragmatic and independent technical advice can be pivotal in resolving the often conflicting requirements of Building Control and Conservation bodies. Clients for H+R remedial specification services include major developers, including Berkeley Group, Linden Homes and The Grosvenor Estate; Housing Associations; government organisations such as MoD; The National Trust and private property owners.

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