5 common causes of timber decay

  Wood rot and insect attack are among the most common problems encountered with traditional buildings. The team at Hutton + Rostron are market leading experts in the investigation and

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Inverness Castle

March 2021

Highlands and Islands have been a theme this month with an extensive survey completed on Inverness Castle and other specialist input on lochside castles in the north-west of Scotland Platts

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North Winter 2020-2021

In January and February of 2021, H+R carried out material condition investigations of the roof structures, floor structures, staircases and ceilings of the Grade II-listed Mindel House and 26 Bloom

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Kings Hall Leisure Centre

February 2021

Specialist surveys in the month seemed to disproportionally take into account fine and complex roof structures around England and Scotland – both historic and contemporary.  Notable examples were the roofs

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Is your building affected by dry rot?

Timber is used as a structural material in the construction of various buildings old and new, it is a natural resource that offers strong, long-term integrity and functionality. However, wood

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